Monday, February 10, 2020

Religion as the Source of Inspiration Research Paper

Religion as the Source of Inspiration - Research Paper Example The organization of groups into identifiable sectors within society has been placed to compose a movement. These have been in the form of cult or religion and other organized groups where ideology is shared and desires fulfilled. Of the organized groups to follow a unified theme, religion has been the most outstanding. Durkheim, Cladis and Cosman (2001) define religion as a set of beliefs that bring individuals together towards acknowledgement of the existence of a supernatural being. These beliefs have aided the development of positive virtues within the society an offer support during the difficult challenges subjected upon societal members. Societies and groups have been identified based on their variable religious affiliations. Other societies have been developed based on the shared belief and practices. In religion, individuals complete variable practices for the satisfaction of the rules within the set trend. Religion has existed within the continents for decades linking the pr actices to the behavioral adaptation of the members. Various religions present different practices and identity. The common example is found in the difference accorded in Christianity and Islam religion that depict varied theories and practices. Religion serves as the basis of articulating unanswered questions to clarify the foundation of existence and the larger society. Despite the variations that have been depicted in variable religious beliefs, religion has served as the sole purpose of presenting unity and the source of unanswered questions to humanity. Religion has been the source of inspiration and answers in society for decades. The belief in the existence of a superior power has instilled discipline in societies satisfying breaking the tension in war and corruption. The idea presented that there is an uttermost power providing security rejuvenates the human desire to belong to a particular setting. However, the religious affiliations existing within the society have been pr esented to hold varied norms. Governments and the rules holding the existence of humanity within the set society have been formed based on the dominant religion. The most dominant religion has been Christianity in America and Europe, while Islam and Buddhism have composed the provision presented in Asia. Without the set of beliefs, the formed governments would be destabilized, and the need to find freedom would be affected. The involvement within the religious setting has brought peace and developed the needed faith to overcome the challenges within the society. The hope presented in eternity has been the most striking with humanity accorded the purpose to live their current lives. All of the religious groups offer the opportunity to develop the idea for continuity. There is the conviction in that which is not visible and the pillar of belief centered on a common figure. Although Islam and Christianity consider the existence of a solitary being, the other world religions have been b ased on the need to have a life after the one within the modern earth. Those that lack the faith to belong to a religion have been considered outcasts with little definition to the life lived in the current society. Religion has been the ability possessed by the social groups to possess the belief in the unseen. Various religions present different meanings to the defining attributes of the supernatural beings. The leading world religions have been based on historical evidence of the creators of the set virtues. The belief in each religion has been presented to be contained in the basis found in their formation. Christianity that is the dominant world religion has been based on the existence

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